Thursday, June 19, 2008

Adventures of an Impish Bride: The Day!

First let me say my wedding day was perfect! I enjoyed every minute of it until I finally fell asleep curled up to Sexy Husband late that night.
I had decided to do my own makeup and hair and it was great. I actually think my hair and makeup did better than a normal day. All my attendants got along and not one of us had a fight or got upset. It was actually a very, very enjoyable day. I had four photographers, all family and friends. I decided quite awhile ago I did not want a professional but I had plenty of talented friends that with a good memory card and the cameras I knew they owned would be perfect for our day.
I did not cry at all, I was all grins, so much that my cheeks hurt by the end of the night. I could not have asked for a better wedding. I was surrounded by loved ones and married the man I love. So now I will stop gushing and share a few pictures. We had hundreds so I had to try to pick a few to share with you all.

I loved my dress. Even moreso on my wedding day than when we bought it. I found out a few weeks after I bought it that it was the same exact dress one of Sexy Husband's cousins had worn last year at her wedding. I was upset at first but then was able to laugh it off and by the time my wedding came it looked completely different to me.

These were my wonderful attendants. From the left is one of my best girlfriends Ms. M. I actually am going to be in her wedding in October. Then behind me is Mrs. H my best friend from growing up, and then my good friend Ms. L. They were fantastic, looked fantastic and we had a blast.
Ahh he is so.....tall. I had on 5 inch heels and he still was quite abit taller than me :)

Well my sinus meds are kicking in so I will give more pictures later :)

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Breazy said...

the pictures are beautiful and I am so glad that God blessed you all with a good day where there was no one getting upset, especially you!

You make a beautiful married couple!