Thursday, May 1, 2008

Adventures of an Impish Bride: Catching up,,,

So because work has blocked blogging I have fallen seriously behind in relaying the progress of the wedding plans. No I did not do all my blogging at work, but there were many times I would be on my break and be able to type out a post for the day. Night posting has been affected by work as well because we have been going through a conversion that has this Imp coming home and crashing.

Alas here I am, I have just spent the last hour going through my blog. I have been blogging since '05 and I noticed that I actually used to post not only regularly but with enthusiasm. So I have made a pact to try and be more regular especially since I wish to document this important time in my life. In my philosophy I will only get to have one wedding.

So I shall rewind some in time to tell of all the happenings.

I shared the invitations we ordered. Well they came in with efficient timing and so began the process of making a guest list and addressing the envelopes. I must admit I did great in the beginning getting most of the invites out within the "traditional" time frame, but tonight I finished the last of the scragglers. The excellent thing was The Mom found a wonderful stamp that had a splay of cards on it that went well with our card theme wedding. I used this to "seal" the back of the envelopes.

Then in March we had our first shower! It happened in my hometown and was given by some lovely ladies from my home church. Sexy Fiance and my future in-laws came along and had a great time. I was very glad that they got to come and meet some of the people I have known since birth. I know I have a great home church but it is always wonderful to be reminded how much you love people and they love you.

This shower happened at the very end of March and started a whirlwind month of showers, plans, changes at work, house buying and much more excitement that I will tell you about in detail in the future posts that I promise will not be weeks apart!

For now I must got to bed but tune back in tomorrow for the next Adventures of an Impish Bride: Lingerie Shower!


Nicki said...

I know which picture I'm rooting for!

Breazy said...

I can't wait to see all of the wedding pictures and the new house. It is all so exciting. I will be out of town this weekend, today my husband and I are celebrating our 15th anniversary so we are taking a little beach trip alone. I will catch your posts when I get back next week.