Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Things overheard in a Doctor's waiting room....

A mother and son studying science:

Mother: "Can you describe a black hole to me"

Son: "It is a black hole that sucks anything near it inside and keeps it. It sucks light and everything. Hey mom? I think N.A.S.A. should send a telescope into a black hole so we could see what is inside. I bet it is really bright inside because all that light gets sucked in and it can't come back out!"

Imp: (Trying really hard not to giggle)

Mother: "What is the line that divides the earth in half"

Son: "The Axis"

Mother: "No that is the one it spins on, the equator divides the earth in half, an invisible line around the earth."

Son: "Hey Mom, I think they should paint the line on the ground so we would know exactly where the equator is and we could see it, and in the water parts they could put these line lights so you could see them under the water!"

Mother: "Well that is a good idea but how would they power the lights?"

Son: "With a power plant." (Said in the good ole "duh Mom" tone)

Mother: "Who would build these plants and who would pay for them?"

Imp: (Trying harder not to giggle louder)

I missed the answer because a name was called at that moment. Darnit, I wanted to know if it was coming out of my paycheck or not!

A mother and her son playing gameboy (or whatever they are called these days)
The mother is trying to play and the son is helping her.

Son: "No mom you can't go that way."
Son: "You get those things for extra power."
Son: "It is ok to hit the people and things, just not the other cars."

Imp: (Abit worried when that child starts driving)

Son: "Get that for extra life mom!"
Mother: "Speaker softer son"
Son: (whispering in a stage whisper) "Get that for extra life mom!"

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Breazy said...

The game sounds like my son and I. He has the Nintendo DS Lite and I can't play that thing for nothing. My daughter has one to and she plays pet games on hers, she won't let me touch it because she is afraid I will mess something up that she has worked really hard on.

Have a great day!