Monday, February 11, 2008

The Hand that Protects

This fallen tree here in the picture used to be standing right next to my apt. building. Despite its pine lineage it was a fine tree and gave me birds and shade in the spring and summer months, and branches to catch the rare ice and snow we get in the winter.

It was precariously perched up a small hill right next to my building and I always wondered what would happen if a good rain and strong wind came. I never worried too much because the height of the tree gave testimony to the depth of its roots.

Unfortunately due to the drought we have had, when we did get a strong wind its dying roots could no longer hold it and it came crashing down to the ground.

But I will have you note that it managed to crash right in the space between my building and the next. It should have either fallen on the cars or right directly into my closet and bedroom. This picture where you see the front of the building that upstairs window and that bare section is my apt. The tree used to stand straight along the drainage pipe, nearest the window, just abit to the left.

I truly believe God had his hand on that tree when it fell because of the odd angle in which it fell and because it fell where it did. This last picture is from my back porch where the tip of the tree shows around the building.

So I am here to say "Thank you Lord for your daily protection, even against falling trees."


lime said...


Breazy said...

isn't it amazing at what He does for us daily, even saves our homes from falling trees.

A said...

Wow! We had a bad storm this summer and I was at a friend's house. One large tree just 2 doors down went down, just like that! right between thhe house next door and their neighbors' house! Crazy storm that was!

Glad that your apartment wasn't damaged. That would have been a pain!