Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Adventures of an Impish Bride: First gift and Budget saving

So it has been abit. I have been trying to fully recoup from the plague and now I am feeling much much better!

It seemed like the world stopped during my illness but now wedding plans and life are back into full swing. It is already the middle of February.....where is the time going!

I did receive my first gift! A coworker gave it to me the other day and I was totally thrilled.

It is this cute salt and pepper "Mwah" shakers. The Bride and Groom are kissing with their magnetic mouths! It is too cute and though I am sure I will never use them, they are a sweet gift and a nifty keepsake.

Also I have been hard at work at making parts of my decor for the reception. A nice way to save money is to make things yourself and since I am lucky to have a creative side, I am putting it to good use!

As I think I have mentioned my theme for the wedding and reception is playing cards. Sexy Fiance and I love to play cards with our friends and I love red, black and white so it was a perfect theme. I spent tonight making part of the tabletop decor for the reception. Small, square glass bottoms, red and black tissue paper, a styrofoam center, King and Queen cards on sticks and red and black feathers create this centerpiece for my tables.

I will have a picture later of the full effect of what the tabletops will look like but for now I am just proud I got these done tonight. I would have made them all but I ran out of feathers!

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Breazy said...

I really like the salt and pepper shakers, also I like the idea for the center pieces for the tables.

16 yrs ago when a cousin of mine got married we spent months before the wedding helping her make all kinds of things for the wedding.

Have a good week!