Thursday, December 13, 2007

Six year olds and contest winning....

So life has been keeping me away from this blog yet again! Le sigh!

The other night I took my nephews: Mr. Nephew who is now six, and Beautiful Boy who is now two and half to go eat at McDonalds and go Christmas Light looking. Well Mr. Nephew just was being quite bahumbug about seeing Christmas lights. So I said "You are not very much in the Christmas spirit." to which he replied..."I am in the Christmas spirit for Jesus Aunt Imp not for Christmas lights."

Six year olds!

Half of me was very proud that he was focused on the reason for the season but the other half of me wanted to thwap him for such bad timing with that comment.

Of course being the Imp that I am, I responded "Well SOME people like to decorate their houses all bright and pretty FOR Jesus' birthday."

So nah six year old!

Yes I feel much triumph when I win a battle with a six year old. It is a strange thing but there is something about proving to him that I am right! Ha!

For example abit later when I was still forcing him to look at Christmas lights despite his lack of Christmas lights spirit, we reached a dead-end or cul-de-sac and I said "We will have to turn around here because it is a dead-end." to which the six year old semantic argumentative little....thing argued "It is a cul-de-sac, Aunt Imp." To which the following argument proceeded:

"It is a dead-end" -Imp
"No it is a cul-de-sac" -Mr. Nephew
"Do you want a spanking for the first time since you were three from your Aunt?" -Imp
"No ma'am." -Mr. Nephew
"Then stop arguing with me! It is a cul-de-sac you are correct but it is ALSO a dead end!" - Imp

Six year olds!!!

I love that he is smart but ....oh boy.

And on another note: I am far behind but I won a contest over on Mark's blog! Whoo hoo! He used part of a suggestion that I gave for the continuation of his HNT story. So now I get a copy of his book and I am excited!


lime said...

lol, be glad you are just the aunt and not the mama, when he gets to be too much you can send him home!

Ameratis said...

Ohhh definitely! I am ever so glad I can "give him back" as you would say. I cringe to think what lies in my future when it is mine saying such things!

Anonymous said...

oh fun i can't wait to say "i told you your day would come"--lol