Friday, September 7, 2007

Flash Fiction 55: Not so fiction

Medium or Large?

Fuschia? Green? Blue?


Curled with care.

Rubber bands galore.

Pie of fabric.

Don of plastic,

Water added,

Shake and squirt.

Was enough squirted?

Did the colors work?

Will it look right?

Will it be Lime worthy?

4 to 6 hour wait, wash and dry.

Wait what’s this…oh yes!

My first Tie-dye!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic job on both the tie dye and the 55.
I'm certain Master Lime will nod her head.
Have a great weekend.:)

lime said...

hey you did a FANTASTIC job! that's beautiful! VERY nicely done both on the 55 and the shirt!

G-Man said...

This was fantastic!!
And I'm sure Lime is very proud of you..
Thanks for playing!!!

A said...

Wow, so much better than my first real dye! I went for a V shaped yoke, and ended up with vertical stripes! No where near as flattering or beautiful as yours! Well done!


barman said...

Love the 55 and the tie dye. Lime has to be proud of the grasshopper.

Sorry I was a tad bit late there.