Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Life's Little Mysteries

Today I finally sat down to answer some of the Impish fan mail I have piled upon my kitchen table:

Dear Imp,

I have this cute guy I like and it drives me crazy that every time he walks into the room I blush. Why do we blush? Can I stop it?

Paula Petunia

Well Paula,

According to Life's Little Mysteries website: "Turns out, this cheek-coloring reaction is a universal human response to social attention. Everyone does it, some more than others. Common blushing triggers include meeting someone important, receiving a compliment, and when experiencing a strong emotion in a social situation. Apparently guys don’t color their cheeks red as often as women.
Blush biology works like this: Veins in the face dilate, causing more blood to flow into your cheeks, thus the rosy color. But scientists are stumped as to why it happens or what function it serves. That is, besides deflating your ego."
So I guess you are stuck with this cheek reddening effect, but you could just add to the charm by smiling at him. I bet he would notice the smile over the blush.


Dear Imp,

Do you like Hazelnut coffee? Do you brush your teeth more than twice a day? What type of sheets do you like best? Can I have your phone number? Can I know more about you?

Duncan Hinnes

Dear Duncan,

No I do not like Hazelnut coffee. As a matter of fact I do not like any type of coffee. Despite my fondness for cappuccinos, I am not a coffee fan.

No I usually only brush my teeth twice though I am sure I should do it more.

I like flannel sheets in the winter and cotton sheets in the summer.

No you may not.

Please see attached restraining order.


Keep the fan mail coming!


G-Man said...

Dear Imp,
What is the meaning of life?

Anonymous said...

You are a wise ol Imp.:)