Friday, August 24, 2007

Flash Fiction 55

“So eet ‘as been leeking for ‘ow long?”

“Umm about two weeks.”

“Hmm eenteresting.”

“It is a continuous drip.”

“Zees ees the main bathroom, yes?”

“Yes, actually it is the only bathroom”.

“Hmm very eenteresting”

“Do you think you can fix it?”

“Viola! I theenk the problem ees 'ere.”

“Are you sure you’re a plumber?”


Anonymous said...

simon should know-lol

lime said...

water fountain for cats!

G-Man said...

Hey, is that TC's cousin?

Great 55 Melodie,
Thanks for playing!!

Hope you have a great week-end..xox

Anonymous said...

LMAO..good one, love the pic.:)