Friday, August 3, 2007

Flash Fiction 55

Are we there yet?

I am hungry!

He is breathing my air.

I am not!

I was sure we were supposed to turn right.

Well dear, I told you to read the directions.

Maybe we were supposed to turn left.

You just had to go on your “instinct”

Well Mr. Instinct, now we are lost!


barman said...

To cute. I had a family crossing the 4 lane road by my house just last week. Worse, not only did they look lost, they were not making a move to get across the street and they were standing in the middle of one of the lanes.

So now you are telling me it was all the male ucks fault. I never knew.

Wonderful 55.

lime said...

very cute 55, and i LOVE the picture you chose! it just cracks me up.

G-Man said...

What are you saying here?
Very good 55 Imp..
Please keep this up, you are very good at this..
G-man xoxox

Ameratis said...

Thanks for visiting guys! I actually took the picture one day on the way to work, we have hundreds of them around here :)