Tuesday, August 7, 2007

10 Reasons the Imp doesn't go to movies much anymore.....

1. Teenagers
2. Exorbitant ticket prices
3. Teenagers
4. Exorbitantly priced drinks and popcorn
5. Teenagers
6. 30 minutes of commercials before the previews
7. Teenagers
8. 30 minutes of previews before the movie
9. Teenagers
10. Having to go to the bathroom 20 minutes into the movie because you sat for an HOUR before the movie even began!

I went to see Live Free, Die Hard tonight because I have not seen a movie in the theater in a while and I drool over Bruce Willis (sorry Sexy Boyfriend, you are still my number one sexy man!) Say what you want about him but Bruce is on my "favorite male actors" list and in the top three. Plus not to mention he is swoon inducing! Plus the Apply guy, Justin Long, was in the movie and I was totally impressed with his performance on the big screen. I have only seen him in the Apple commercials and I am quite enamored with those.
But despite the great movie, I was once again reminded why I don't go to the movie theater anymore. My blood pressure cannot take it.

I am really loving my Netflix at the moment. Yes I sacrifice a small bit by losing the huge screen, surround sound and have to wait six more months to see a movie but it is TOTALLY WORTH IT!
For the price of two in-theater movies I get three at a time movies unlimited during a month. I can sit back in my pajamas and watch a movie with subtitles so I don't miss anything, if I need to go to the bathroom I can pause it and go, not missing one second of the movie. I can go get some food and drink for a fifth of the
price (because I did have to pay to stock my kitchen) and Free refills everytime!
I do not have to deal with little Hannah, Joey, Brad, Mindi and Sue getting up and down A THOUSAND TIMES!


UGH I really really really cannot stand teenagers at this moment.


lime said...

when i go to moives i pick times when the teens are not there in full force. btu i have to say it really grinds my gears to shell out the money for a ticket and then have to watch all the damned commercials.

G-Man said...

I know what you mean by the teens....
But I saw the Movie, and I thought it was the best one of the Die Hards.

Breazy said...

Hey Ameratis! How are you? I am sorry I haven't been by much but things are a bit busy around here with school starting and my getting a job at a local hospital. I just wanted you to know that I have by no means forgot you!


Have a good weekend!