Thursday, May 24, 2007

FINALLY!!! Interview with a Lime rated G

I finally, after mucho technical difficulties, got the movie. I apologize because it is split into multiple parts so it breaks the flow abit, but the whole thing was 12 minutes so I guess this works out because if you don't have time to watch it all you can come back later.

Part one

Interview with a Lime from Ameratis on Vimeo

Commercial Break

Part two

Part Three (end)

This is based off the "Interview" style posts that have been going around, again I apologize it took so long. Sometimes technology can be a pain :) HJope you all enjoy!!


Top cat said...

I love it. Very creative and interesting and well worth the wait.
Celeste lemonade was wonderful and so were you. I loved the commercial and the bloopers at the end.
Wonderful..Fabulous..the Dallas Star gives it Four stars****
Robert Ebert says "Interview was stylistic and charming, a must see"
Thank you

barman said...

Way to much fun. I admit to be a little lost here as I have never visited before and was confused what was going on ... but I caught on. I obviously have not been getting a good nights sleep. I best go check out the commercial again so I too can get a full nights sleep.

You are so creative and fun. "Love it, love it, love it" ... says the Grand Ledge Gazette. Rivoting reports the New York Times. And look, we have a 3 from the German Judge. They are mighty hard scoring you know.

Seriously, two thumbs up from me.

G-Man said...

I know how much work and preparation went into this Imp..
What a great job..
You definately belong in the theater
Loved it......galen xoxox

gymrat280 said...

Daily Variety says --- To the Academy .. For Your Consideration: Interview With a Lime.

Simply fabulous, dahling ! Very creative. Where do the talents end?

-- Jeff

Breazy said...

Very good and different from any interview that has been posted by anyone! Hope you have a great weekend!

lime said...

I LOVE IT!!! that was soooo worth the wait. absolute riot. a commnercial, a blooper reel. fabulous! and celeste in her tie dye. ameratis girl, you ROCK!

oh andf i totally agree on eliza doolittle and also think alan rickman is underrated. he's fab.

Dorky Dad said...

Damn Excel, always keeping people from doing important things like blogging. I have the same problem. But I'm not an accountant.