Friday, February 23, 2007

The Trip

Ok so a few of you have been wondering where I have been today. Lemme say I have been stressing, crying and pulling my hair out today.
Now I am excited.
Let me tell the story:

Thursday 02/22/07, 5:35pm: I was in The Manager's office with one of our IT guys. In walks The Boss and the IT guy asks who is going for the testing thingy. Not having a clue about what they were talking I was only half listening. That is until The Boss pointed to me and said...her.

Radar goes off! What did I do? All mistakes and comments are quickly categorized and scanned for red flag material whilst I am trying to figure out why I was pointed to and claimed in such a manner.

I sputter something to the effect of when was the trip? The answer: March 10-13
First reaction: Nifty.
Second reaction: I have two shows!
Can anyone else go?

Answer: a resolute no!


I didn't know what to do! We can't cancel two shows. We open next weekend! I cannot tell The Boss no! AHHHHHHHH!

Thursday 02/22/07, 6:00 p.m.: Hair pulling begins.
I call The Director freaking out because I cannot lose my job over a hobby. No offense to them.
Message left.
No call received in return.
I did not sleep well last night.

Friday 02/23/07, 7:40 a.m. : Receive call from The Director. Not a good call. Affirmation that things will be worked out and more detail found at work today given to The Director.

Friday 02/23/07, 8:00 a.m.: Arrive at work and immediately try to find out details. Begin to feel headache approaching and ulcer growing in stomach. Dismissing the fact that I might be abit dramatic. ;)

Friday 02/23/07 10:41 a.m.: Receive not so nice email threatening to be blackballed in theatre community which inspires tears. Run to The Manager and cry to her because the rock and hard place are not cool and she knows about theatre passion. She gives solution and I run quickly to IT guy, who wants to upset solution until I threaten to cry in his office. He accepts solution.

Friday 02/23/07 11:59 a.m.: I go home to lunch. Call The Director and say everything is going to be ok! No shows missed. No blackballing necessary.

Friday 02/23/07 1:00 p.m.: Return home from lunch and start to book flight with hotel. Take four tums to try and get relief from indigestion from earlier freak out. Get flights and hotel booked.

Friday 02/23/07 4:09 p.m.: Finally calm and facing the weekend I take a moment to put on my blog that I am....

Going to NEW YORK!

Ok so it is only for 2 days and I will only really get one day in the city but WHO CARES?? I have never been and this whole thing will be an adventure for me! I have not flown commercial in 9 years! (Benefits of being a military brat) and I have never been north of Kentucky that I can remember (unless you count parts of VA) So


Now that the stress is over I can get excited! I admit that if I wasn't in the show I would get a day and a half in the city but you know what...I DON'T CARE because I am still going!!!
An adventure is an adventure no matter how big or small!



Top cat said...

I'm outta here for the night but I had to check in on my little buddy.
That's GREAT NEWS miss Imp.
I'm so happy it all worked out for you.
I can see you jumping around the apt in front of mr kitty singing NEW YORK NEW YORK in your grandest style.:)
Big Hug and CONGRATS!!

G-Man said...

The Big Apple
The City That Never Sleeps
Gotham City

Congratulations Imp,2 things.
1. Do not play 3 card monte on the street.
2. You gotta have NY style pizza...A must!

lime said...

well thats' excitting. i'm glad your ciris was averted. that really is a tough situation. do have a wonderful adventure!

G-Man said...

I want one of those I Heart NY T-shirts!!!!!
2X please.

Anonymous said...

ok, here goes, don't talk to everyone you see(i am aware that you really do not know the term "stranger", wear clean underwear--it was good enough advise from my mama, so you get it too, watch your purse, you may still be on some of my accounts, and boy would that hack me if after all the things i have done to not get id frauld, they got yours, because i do realize that although you have dark hair, baby you are as blonde as me at the roots and last but not least--have a great time-------WOW
melodie takes manhatten(?)
love ya lots

Top cat said...

is mom implying you don't already wear clean underwear? LOL
but it's good advice, I mean it can't just be clean, it can't have little holes in it or have a frayed waistband.

Ameratis said...

Of course my underwear is clean! But The Mom has to say it, it is part of being The Mom.

Top cat said...

lol..I have to run out to the store, be back in a few.:)
The Mom is cool...
after all she gave us you.

Sal said...

Wow, freak out is right. Glad it got resolved. Yeah baby, Woo Hoo! LOL

Jodes said...

wooooohoooooo how exciting for you!!!! I want to go to, I have been but a long time ago and it was my Senior Class trip, I want to go and really experience the city.

Top cat said...

ok..I'm back, you can resume regularly scheduled programming.

Top cat said...

so what are the actual dates of your trip.
I need to prepare myself mentally because you won't be around.

G-Man said...

Hey Imp, We do need the schedule please!

Top cat said...

I like your new header.:)