Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Totall Terrific Tuesday: Vanities

Coming to a theatre near you!
(If you live in the Imp's town)

So tonight starts tech week of Vanities. We open Friday and will have a three weekend run. Crazy, crazy, crazy! This will be the last show I do for awhile because
1. I have done two back to back and that is alot of work and no free time and
2. there aren't any shows in which I am dying to participate.

I think the most exciting thing about this show is the spectrum of character I have to play and that it is the first major role I have had in years. It is only me and two other girls on stage the entire time for three acts!

My character is a space cadet in the first act which is not hard at all to play LOL The second act she is still a space cadet but with a snotty edge so that is not too hard to play but the third act...she is a suburban wife that has a drinking problem. She is caught in her little world that she thinks is perfect purposefully blind to her husband's adulteries.

I have never played drunk before and I have never been drunk before so that is a new step for me but kinda fun too.
The hardest part is that I really don't like my character...not in the sense of I don't like the part but if my character was a real person I knew I would want to slap her!

This is stretching my acting skills further than they have been stretched in awhile so I am excited...or at least I will be when I am confident I know all my lines! ;)

Happy Tuesday!


Jodes said...

hey girl, you need to get to the beach, I take total advantage of it since I live practically on it but if we ever move farther inland I know I will be sad and we will not get to it as much, so make it happen!!!!

Space Cadet huh - have fun with that. I wish I had the guts when I was younger to get into acting. You rock!!! I would so come see you if I lived there.

Anonymous said...

Break a leg sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Wow this sounds like an exciting part for you to play, seems like a lot of dialog to memorize but a wonderful way to stretch your acting skills.
I'm excited for you and know you will fantastic.
That's great you're going to take a break for awhile and relax for a bit.

lime said...

break a leg, ameratis! you'll do fine. when i was 16 i had to portray the drunk mother of the bride in a radio show. they may be dispcicable characters but they are fun to play sometimes.

Ameratis said...

Thanks everyone for the break a legs! This is going to be a fun show and I will make sure to have more info about it soon!

Anonymous said...

more info! more info! more info!:)

AND pictures too!

g-man said...

Congratulations Impy, that is terrific! I wish we all could go and give you a standing ovation..

Anonymous said...

good morning miss Imp.:)