Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fall is creeping in slowly...

So my favorite season is upon us again! I love fall, when the air begins to cool and those mornings of crisp, cold air begin to arrive. Bright blue skies are a beautiful contrast to the changing leaves as the trees give a triumphant shout of color in their final bid to beauty before growing dormant for the winter.
Mmmm I just love it! A light jacket and that air that makes your nose tingle and fills your body with an energy that is inexplicable. My step is always lighter and quicker during this time.
I have heard a few people who are down during this change of seasons but I tend to thrive....mayhaps it is my location and the coolness comes as a refreshing relief but I think it is more than is that vivacious atmosphere that nature gives off in its push for one last minute of life...the air is electrified with the fight that every living plant gives to keep bright one more day before losing the battle to a wintery sleep.
Fall...Autumn...the time of pumpkins, hayrides, leaf piles, acorns, candle sells, and candy corn. I love it....every minute of it!


David said...

Ditto! By the way, I kissed her.

Dude said...

Nothing better than a vivacious roll in the hay!

Candy corn, yummy.