Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dracula Returns

So last week was hectic! It was quarter end and it was also tech week before we opened the show. I must say this is a fabulous cast to work with and they have such talent!

I am still sad I am not actually acting in this play but it has been fun to watch these actors evolve into their characters. They all have captured their characters so well that not one outshines the others when performing.

Some of my friends surprised me and came to see the show opening night, that was great! They got to hear me scream lol and see me run around in my black clothes and make sure everything ran smoothly. I am enjoying the play but now I am worn out lol and almost wish it were done.

I was able to snag some pictures of the cast. The one to the right is of Lucy and Harker. I thought the actress who plays Lucy was cast perfectly for the role. She has that classic look and everything.
The second picture is of Dracula and Renfield. This is towards the end where Dracula is about to kill Renfield. Both of these actors are fabulous. The actor who plays Renfield has grown leaps and bounds in his character and has been fun to watch. Dracula pulls off creepy and arrogant to a tee.

We have three more weekends to run and then it will be my blackout season through the holidays :)


David said...

The play was wonderful! Aren't we sneaky? Glad we surprised you. Keep breakin' legs!

Breazy said...

Oooh that is something I would like to see ! You have a good day!