Friday, July 7, 2006

Attack of the Black Thong: Conclusion...or is it?

Here we are folks, finally the next segment to the: Attack of the Black Thong! If you have not read parts 1 and 2 make sure you do before you read the this next part! (On the part 2 link you will have to scroll down past the top post to 2/23/06)

Fingers curled around the thong when a throat was cleared. Eyes darted up as Amiee, the phone operator, grinned at the culprit. "Did I drop those last night during our fun?" Amiee chortled in delight as she watched the man pause as he looked at her. "And you were going to pick them up for me and return them. How sweet of you, darling." She purred the endearment as her smile turned slightly sardonic. "Nothing to say? No need, because I know you were going to return them and tell me the good news that you want to marry me." He rose slowly to straighten and Aimee pressed herself against him, grabbing his neck to try and kiss him.
He spun her around roughly and pinned her against the wall. Her eyes open with a gasp as he gripped her upper arms tightly, fingertips digging into her flesh. "I will not leave my wife, she holds the strings to all my money. You knew that coming into this thing. Now leave off before you start to become a nuisance and not worth my time." Aimee glared and opened her mouth to retort when someone came around the corner interrupting them.

"That was too weird" Marsha shook her head as she and Jamie reached their cubicle prison and picked up warming soda's simultaneously. "Yes, beyond strange." Jamie sat down and stared at her computer screen. "Did you get Alan those reports from the Data System?"
"Oh shoot a monkey in the butt! All this lingerie hooplah and I forgot." Marsha grabbed the report from her printer and headed back towards the offices. "Great I have to go back to underwear hall." she muttered under her breath as she rounded the corner then froze in shock at the sight before her eyes.

She had thought this day had been the weirdest it could be, but now she was staring at the CEO of the company holding Aimee Jones, the phone secretary against the wall, the black thong in hand. "Whooa there little man!" came out before Marsha could stop it and she suddenly prayed the floor would open beneath her and swallow her whole. Mr. Drithers, the longstanding CEO, looked her direction with a choke and widened eyes. He sputtered, an almost comical sight on the usual suave, conservative man, but Marsha could not quite enjoy the humor at the moment. Aimee grinned an almost cheshire smile which seemed odd since she was being held in such a threatened position against the wall. For once in her life, Marsha was speechless, she stood there staring at them both.

"Marsha you forgot a pa...oh wow!" Janie came around the corner waving a paper only to slow down with a open mouthed look at the sight she beheld. The intrusion of Janie's arrival spurred Mr. Drithers into action as he cleared his throat, stepped away from Aimee, and changed his hold on the thong to one of digust, like one would hold a used handkerchief.
"We have important clients coming today and since no one has either seen this or seen fit to throw it away I have seen to do it myself." He smoothly delivered after the flustered moment had passed. Janie still sat there paper held out and mouth open wide. Marsha cleared her throat and raised one eyebrow in disbelief. Mr. Dithers managed to smooth his features into his usual haughty expression. "I was picking it up when Ms. Jones came by and stumbled. I was helping her steady herself. Are you quite alright now, Ms. Jones?"

Aimee hesitated a moment as if choosing which path to take when she smiled a thin-lipped smile and nodded. "Of course, Mr. Dithers. How fortunate I was that you were right there to catch me. Perhaps I can dispose of this for you so we don't offend anyone." She emphasized certian words as she took the thong from him with a barely concealed snatch of anger. She turned and headed back down the hall leaving Marsha, the still frozen Janie, and Mr. Dithers standing there. "Good that matter is taken care of. If you will excuse me ladies, I must discuss something with Mr. Meirs." Marsha opened her mouth to say she had to give him some reports but thought better of it. Looking at Janie after Mr. Dithers disappeared into Alan's office, she shook her head slowly. "I hate Mondays. I will bring the report back later." Janie nodded and lowered the paper she had been holding out the whole time. "I need a drink and it is not even lunchtime." Janie muttered as they moved back towards their cube.

Darcy muttered about thongs and such as she typed up the first of the month reports that were due that afternoon. She soon realized someone was talking rather loud in Alan's office. She shot a dark look at the opposite wall and considered throwing something at the wall to get loud mouth Alan to tone it down when part of the conversation caught her attention.
"If you don't get that money and get it quick, you will be sorry. Dead sorry..understood Meirs!" the voice that Darcy quickly recognized as Mr. Dithers the CEO, could be heard through the wall. Alan answered in lower tones that the straining Darcy could not make out. Darcy stood to move and listen better at the wall only to jump when it shook abit as Alan's door was shut firmly. Silence. What was that all about?

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