Tuesday, June 13, 2006


So until recently whenever the word "Polo" was mentioned this Imp thought of the popular pool game "Marco Polo" after the explorer. Ya know, the game where someone is the blindfolded or eyes closed "Marco" and he/she moves around in the water shouting "Marco" to which all other players answered "Polo" and the "Marco" would try to tag someone by listening to their answer to locate them.

A fun game but alas not the game which this Imp saw Saturday. I went to the Polo Classic here in my lovely city and had a blast! It was the first polo match I have ever seen live and it was great fun. A group of my friends, yes this Imp has friends, all gathered bringing drinks, snacks, a tent, chairs and fun times to share as we watched the match. It was an eclectic group of people along the tailgating side of the polo field.

We met some interesting folks and saw some interesting sights. Of course my fabulous T-Liscious came along and we snapped a picture because sadly she will be leaving us in two weeks for new adventures out west. Boo Hoo!
On a quirky side note, if you look carefully you can see the camera reflected in both sets of sunglasses, ha ha!

So back to the game: Polo. An enjoyable sport but abit funny too if you analyze it. Grown men, in tight breeches, on horses, with a crochet looking mallet trying to hit a white ball between two posts. Each seven minute "inning" is called a chucker. Too funny! The nice thing for the horses is they only have to play one chucker in the heat. Now the men....::puts soapbox down and climbs upon it:: ok time for a rant...these particular men that played Saturday are mostly doctors. Why does this matter you ask? Well because the match started at 2pm the hottest part of the day in the summer in the south! Hello doctors??? Do you not know what heat exhaustion is? What medical school did you attend? I have ridden before, I know how hot breeches are, much less the leg guards, jerseys and helmets they wear when playing. Why can they not wait until around 4pm to start when it's much cooler? You have daylight until after eight, that is plenty of time for a match. But alas no...the men are out there in the sweltering, sweat rolling heat, killing themselves and the horses. Somethings I guess I will never understand. ::gets off soapbox::

I, of course, participated in the traditional divet stomping at halftime with my new friend Ms. Crazy. She is awesome, crazy and I am glad she has joined our group. She is a wonderful addition to the zaniness that is my friends and fits in beautifully as if she has always been there. We both stomped divets together, though there weren't really many and took a picture to catch the memory forever. She was kind enough to lower to my level since this Imp is short and Ms. Crazy is blessed with height.

I dressed in my "Julie Roberts" outfit with a nice swishy skirt and cute top, because of course another thought that polo strikes in this Imp's brain is of Pretty Woman. My skirt was not brown and I was missing a nice hat, but I still felt Julie Robertsish!

All in all it was a grand time and I was excited about my first live polo match. I will definitely be going again and look forward to it with anticipation.


Breazy said...

Cool ! Looks and sounds like fun !

Mellissa said...

Well welcome to the party!! Do you mean you will go again even if it is at 2 p.m (LOL)...

Looks like a wonderful day Imp!