Monday, April 3, 2006

Fantastick!.....They are geese!

This Imp grew up with a rather large lake in her backyard and so I have always had a fondness for certian water birds: Canadian geese, Woodducks, Mallards, and the Blue Heron a.k.a. The Pterodactyl.

I was quite excited that when I moved, my apartment complex has some little ponds of a nice size and one is right behind my building. My patio overlooks the lake and is a nice view. I get to see the pretty fountain in the middle, the little mallards, the strange man, wearing the white wife beater, in a small inflatable raft that is slowly sinking whilst he tries to fish, hold his beer, paddle, and try not to sink completely at the same time (Ahh you have to love the South!) and last but not least the ever lost Canadian geese.

Pictured above is the one I have named Chanticleer. Why this name? I have no clue...I just like it. How do I know which of the many is really Chanticleer? I don't but that is ok, they all like the name. It is regal and French-like so they appreciate it. I would like to establish that I do love Chanticleer and give him/her/them food as much as I can so that perhaps they will continue to be lost here in the south and not fly home to Canada, but........yes there is a but .......Chanticleer made a borderline death request last night.

I, being the ever-energy saver (or wanting to waste my money on clothes not power bill) slept with my bedroom window open last night because the humidity is already making its way back to the South and it was cooler outside than inside. This is nice because though the geese make some noise I usually can sleep through it. Not last night! Chanticleer must have been having a party...a one goose party...because Chanticleer would not SHUT UP!

HONK HONK HONK HONK HONK HONK HONK HONK ...Is he/she/it drunk? Did that weird man leave his beer floating in the water? What is that bird's major malfunction? Does he/she/it not realize it is 3AM!! Is it trying to find a mate? No wonder it is not having any luck with ahonk like that! (Canadian Geese mate for life from what this Imp understands and that would be quite a commitment to this loudmouth) SHUT UP CHANTICLEER!
HONK HONK HONK HONK HONK HONK HONK! AHHHHHHHHHH I must say it drove this goose loving Imp to ponder if I had any firecrackers, or alkaseltzer or a heavy brick. I have many Chanticleers...would I be really sad to be minus one? At 3am this morning I would have rejoiced to be minus one! I refrained from goose murder and shut my window. I am very sleepy today as a result and I might just have to turn the AC on tonight if it is that hot again....because I do truly luv my Chanticleer!

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Breazy said...

I wish I didn't have allergies and I could sleep with the window open but if I were to do that right now I would wake up with red , itchy eyes and all the fun that goes with them !