Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Heart attack

Yup this Imp almost had a heart attack at twenty-four last night. The cause: Mr. Simon Kitty! The last few days have been "unseasonably warm" as the weatherman puts it...meaning I am wearing short sleeves today. So hence last night I turned the heat off and opened all the windows and my sliding glass door that goes out to the balcony to let the very nice air in to circulate my sardine box I call home. I always keep the screen closed on the balcony but last night I was feeling nice so I went out and let Mr. Kitty follow. This was his first trip unto the blacony. We are three stories up so I figured he would be ok with nothing to climb on and the cat instincts of "it is a very long fall"
Well I went back inside to exchange laundry from washing to drying and I hear him meow. I went over to tell him to come back inside and was going to shut the screen when I notice he is not on the balcony. So I look around my sardine box and call his name. No answer...no kitty.
Panic! I rushed out onto the balcony looking around...still no kitty...I called his name again as I rushed with a nauseous feeling to the railing and looked over, terrified I was about to see my sweet kitty's body crumpled on the ground three stories down. I couldn't see the ground it was too dark. I do believe I cried out in anguish..I cannot quite remember because I was beyond description in a sick emotional feeling. I remember the word "no" going through my head a thousand times.
Suddenly out of the darkness came Mr. Kitty's meow. What a heavenly sound at the moment and I looked around and saw him...sitting on the outside of the rail...on the tiny four maybe five inch ledge of the balcony....relief and panic innermingle...I wanted to rush up to him but was afraid I might scare him and make him fall. I knelt right where I was and called him to me. Thank heavens he is not the normal kitty to ignore when one calls him because he climbed back through the railing to the safe side and into my arms.
I almost cried in relief as I hugged him to my chest. "Your butt is staying inside!" was the first thing said to him as I quickly reentered the sardine box and put him down, turning away long enough to firmly close the screen. For the rest of the night, though the screen stayed closed, whenever I could not see him I would call until he came into sight...which actually means he spent most of the night in my lap.
So yes, this Imp almost had a heart attack last night, but fortunately fate saw to it that I stayed in the somewhat healthy state that I am for a while longer. As for Mr. Kitty....he will not be going back on the balcony. Sorry Mr. Kitty.


Julie Ann said...

I can so so relate! Similar story with Ms. Tiffany....when living at home during college with my wicked evil stepbrother, hah, I was frantically looking for Tiffany....I had the sickest feeling that my stepbrother did something with her, and sure enough, as I walked down the long hall on the 2nd floor of our home wiht a huge square window with moon shaped dome on top I looked over and saw little 4 pound Tiffany with her paws up to the window from the OUTSIDE, meowing her little head off.....Yeah that meanie had been out on the roof smoking, long story, and left the window open and Tiffany climbed out. I almost had a heart attack, too! Several other Tiff stories that have induced panic! I guess I will be a good mother because I have these instincts when something is wrong, especially with Tiffany, and I have awaken many times to find Tiffany in some predicaments over the years. Thank God for His protection and giving me those instincts!

bsoholic said...

Oh gosh! I could only imagine. I've had a few close calls with my Kiki getting loose (she's an indoor cat). Quite scary. Glad for you, it could of been much worse.