Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Be Mine or Be SAD?

Here we go again! You know I don't think I would have much to write about if it were not for Walmart. Ha ha!
I am not sure which is worse...Christmas stuff out the first weekend of November or Valentines day stuff out the first weekend of January!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I think my vote is Valentines Day stuff! Why? Well because it inflicts more torture than Christmas does. Christmas is a holiday everyone can enjoy (with maybe a few exceptions) and it is about giving and loving everyone and the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ.
But what praytell is Valentines Day for except to make people that are single feel like crap! It is bad enough we have to suffer the "Day of Love" but a whole month and a half of seeing pink and red everywhere! BAHUMBUG!
Of course some restitution is found in the establishment of S.A.D. or Single Awareness Day. This Imp has been celebrating this day for a decade and boycotting Valentines Day. I did not realize it was a nation wide event though...I think we should petition Hallmark for S.A.D. cards and little candies...can you see it...dollar sign shaped candies that say "I have money" because we didn't have to buy flowers, perfume, chocolate, rings, cologne, dinner and a movie, etc. Or "Be myself" which is what we get to be because we don't have to worry about impressing another. Ohh and the classic "Happy S.A.D." ha ha!
I mean this is a marketing dream! Is that not what Valentines Day is anyway, a commercially driven drivel of a holiday that forces people to buy things they don't necessarily give any other time of the year for their significant other? Why not grab the other side of that market and run with it!
Now don't get me wrong, I am not against love...Froofroo would cry if I said such, but I am against the idea of Valentines Day...that we cannot express our love to our special someone better any time of the year than on February 14th. It is a sad concept and I would hope that if I wished to express my love I could do it any day of the October 6th or August 2nd just as well as February 14th and without pink and red hearts of chocolate.
Which brings me to another point...the candy! This is a true push of the commercial, it is a collaberation of all fitness gyms and candy makers of the world. Think about it..New Year resolutions of trying to lost weight stick out for about a month and gym attendance is very high, but the first of February it drops off as people lose the enthusiasm for this BAM....Valentines Day and candy galore and after the limelight of this commercial love fades women begin to realize it is almost March and they only have two maybe three months before bathing suit season! And we have another rush to the gyms. Is anybody seeing the correllation here?
Well I could go on for alot longer about the evils of this day but work is calling and I have plenty of time later to rant more!


The Baz said...

Hi Mel
This is absolutely spot on... as you know, it IS the most depressing day of the year for those of us not so lucky to have a partner. I'd never made the connection about the candy issue though... hmmm...
BAZ (the depressed all the year round for similar reasons to the reason I'm depressed on Val Day!)

bsoholic said...

Valentine's Day is a load of crap. Even for those that aren't single. It's the apitamy of Hallmark Holidays - consumerism. Buy buy buy. KerPuke!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, I don't like being told when to buy my sweetheart flowers or a gift, it becomes superficial.
It's more fun to bring home flowers on a Friday when no one is expecting them or have them delivered on a surprise day.

I would think Hallmark would have jumped on this S.A.D stuff cause it means more more more MONEY!

Happy S.A.D ameratis :)