Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Twice in two weeks!!

A horrible occurence has just happened. Froofroo was able to surface again! In a momentary lapse of security from the other personalities she slipped right through and this Imp felt all googily and girly...ugh!

It is the boss lady's anniversary and she received a bouquet of flowers from her husband. She hurt her back yesterday so this Imp helped her carry them from the front desk back to her office. She read the card out loud to this Imp and at that moment while the other personalities were focusing on carrying a large vase of flowers, Froofroo slammed to the front and it went something like this:

Froofroo: "Awww this is soooooo sweet! These flowers are gorgeous! What a great choice of flowers, so colorful!"

Other personalities: "What? Hey, OHNO who let her out! Who's turn was it to watch? Did someone not watch with the flowers being around! Who is to blame? Scrap? Narco, were you sleeping on the job?!"

In discussion with the boss lady about favorite flowers:

Froofroo: "Well I actually don't like roses which I know is sorta strange, but if a man wants to make me grin and all googily...he only needs to get me daisies...I love daisies, white, yellow, gerber daisies, regular daisies...." cue girly sigh

Other personalities: "Oh ugh! Good thing no one is around save for boss lady. Telling our deep dark secrets, talking nonsense about being googily...ugh, somebody grab her and put her back where she belongs!"

So there you have it...Froofroo's momentary escape and declaration about daisies, that though it is true, it is ...well it is just too froofroo....besides, can't give the males the upperhand, googily moments are moments of weakness!


lime said...

funny story and thanks for the visit & comment over at my place:)

sullen girl said...

I'm with froofroo in regard to roses and daisies. :)

...even if it's girlie ;)

Ariella said...

ah yes, channelling Muffy we call it here.
So glad you got it under control, so distressing when it happens.