Tuesday, December 6, 2005

My Weekend: the Book

Well it may not be a book but I was busy enough that it could easily turn into a short novel. It is Tuesday and I am just now getting the energy to sit down an update the musings. I have soooo much to tell everyone! There has been some absolutely, terrificly, wonderful developments in this Imp's life! Some are good, some are great, some are secretly fantastic!!
So a quick run down of this Imp's weekend then we will highlight certian events:
Friday night was the play then afterwards met the S.S. class for a later dessert, got to mingle, laugh, and of course, flirt ;) Gave my special secret smile, but of course the recipient probably didn't realize but alas it was given! I will never tell either, the recipient has to figure it out themselves, elsewise wouldn't be a secret smile. Ha ha! Then Saturday had a cheerful waking and met friends for breakfast then on the Big Oak Ranch to take gifts to the boys and play with them so their house parents could go Christmas shopping. Saturday night was the play then home to pack and crash. Sunday up bright and early to hop in the car and drive 2 1/2 hours to the parent's house. Helped mom decorate her Christmas Tree, went and saw my kids (the family I used to be a nanny for), went and saw friends at the old work place then went to the Christmas program at hometown church. Monday morning got up bright and early, loaded a kitty into the car, went to the eye doctor, got the clear for the next few years....surgery was a success 20/20 in left eye 20/15 in right hooray!! Then another 2 1/2 hours home to unload unhappy kitty and off to work! Last night was spent cleaning up for mom and friend who are coming today to go shopping and spending the night. Crash into bed with kitty and wake today! Whew...now lets look at some highlights of this crazy hectic time.

Big Oak Ranch: Oh this Imp had a blast with those boys. For those who don't know Big Oak Ranch is a home for boys (and girls on the girls ranch) that are neglected, abused, or parents just cannot provide properly for them. They live in real houses with a set of parents and other children. There is this one little boy named Alex who I totally fell in love with and share this love with other friends because this boy just grabs your heart and keeps it! We played air hockey and football together. He was so funny because though this Imp can throw a football, I cannot catch one, he kept trying to figure out how to throw it so I could catch it. I wanted to pack him up and bring him home, scary thought...this Imp a parent...but oh I could do it for him, I pray I have a son as precious as him one day. All the boys there are great but Alex definitely got a special spot in this Imp's eyes.

So I drove home Sunday to see the mom and help her decorate her Christmas tree. See the mom is very upset that this Imp moved...... so I, knowing the mom well, knew she would cry the whole time if she had to decorate the Christmas Tree by herself. The mom suffers from empty nest syndrome. Spare the mom tears as much as possible is the motto for this Christmas season so this Imp helped decorate the tree. Then Sunday night I got to see The 21st Singing Christmas Tree, the Christmas program at the Imp's old church. The Imp always exagerates the Tree's size but I think it is in truth umm 35 feet or so, maybe? here are pictures to give you an idea of what this Imp is even talking about.
The first picture is without people on it and if you look closely you can see the pastor standing slight to the left, to give you idea of the height of this tree. The second picture is when it is fully loaded though you cannot see the person on the very top well. This Imp was sitting in the balcony. This was the first year this Imp hasnt helped or sang :( I have helped in some form or fashion with all 21 years of this tree. Even at the baby age of 3 I was helping sort the lights by color. It has full lights and the star at the top lights as well, but I had trouble with that picture. It was a great program as usual!

So the other news is my kitty! I had to bring my baby home with me. It was an interesting trip for sure and last night he did well but we will see how he does being home alone in a strange place all day today...I hope I don't have any "surprises" for me when I get home....oy! Here is a pic taken last night of my baby!
We had to discuss the rules about the Christmas Tree which I know can be all too tempting for a curious kitty. I hope it is still standing when I get home! This is pictures of the finally finished tree that I hope is still standing when I get home tonight. The pictures of course do not do it justice but it gives you all an idea of how tempting it is for Mr. Simon Kitty.

So I have to get for abit but will post the countdown and Christmas trivia later, specially since I have already missed Sat. thru Mon.! Love and hugs to all of you!


bsoholic said...

My cat's been pretty good about staying out of my tree.... so far.

Julie Ann said...

I loved this post! I especially love the human singing Christmas tree. That is awesome! You have such a vivacious, wonderful personality :)
I also love Simon's picture. He reminds me of the siamese cat I grew up with Erika. He is so cute and I'm glad you're enjoying him being at home with you. Can't wait to see you in the play Thursday!