Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas...I think I get it!

Hey everybody, Beautiful baby here again!
So we had this Christmas thing at my Pawpaw's house and I must say it was quite fun! My favorite aunt (on my Dad's side) the Imp was oh so googily and loving to me. She constantly held me while I napped and grinned while saying I am spoiled rotten. I think that is a good thing. See this picture...I am starting to figure out how to use these things attached to me to lift myself pretty well...also in this picture I am once again testing my smile theory on the Imp. I am almost convinced my theory is true!
So back to Christmas, I missed some parts of the rituals because of well... As you can see I kinda fell asleep. But my brother sure did have fun! He got so much stuff he didn't know what to do with it all! That look is the look I call "which toy do I play with first?" Speaking of toys...I didn't get very many! I got clothes...I am thinking I must learn to do the gibbering talk thing that my brother does before I can get more toys than clothes. I have been trying to do that gibbering talk thing but only bubbles come out! Frustration! Maybe next time this Christmas thing comes along I will have the gibbering talk thing mastered. Ohh another thing I discovered was kitties! They are furry like my dog Bailey but that is the extent of the is The Imp's kitty posing next to the tree as if he could be cuter than me...ha! That will never be true. Well I had better go, I am getting abit sleepy and I do enjoy my naps. Thought I would sneak on here and update you all on the Christmas thing though. Better go before my aunt The Imp catches me! Bye bye!


bsoholic said...

Don't worry little one, you'll get the hang of that gibbering talk thing real soon!

Julie Ann said...

Precious pictures! Aren't they so much fun to be around at Christmas, I miss that, my youngest nieces and nephew live in Missouri. I also like Simon's Christmas pose! What did he get for Christmas?