Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hyper, grand ideas, and Ironbowl!

Ok so this Imp was sitting here, bouncing...overly excited and hyper today...why? Good question!! It is Thursday and though I have a show tonight nothing majorly exciting going on. Except I was just struck by an excellently, terrificly, stupendous idea!!! So the Singles group is having a party at B. B.'s house this saturday in celebration and decimation between friends over football teams for the Ironbowl. I am going for the social part of it, of course! When does this Imp ever turn down a time to be social....hmm never! I had discussed with B.B. about helping with the food since I oh so love to cook. He is grilling so I said I would do desserts. Then BAM, lightning strike, apostrophy...I mean epiphany! I shall make a cake...and decorate it to look like a football field with the two teams sides! Oh the wonders of this Imp's mind and imagination! What a fabtabulous idea and what fun it will be to carry out! I am so excited now that is has not helped to calm my already over hyper Impish self! Ugh ugh ugh work must be done yet I have the attention span of a five year old today!

I watched a funny movie last night with Minnie Driver, the ever handsome (in this Imp's opinion...which is the only one that counts on the this blog) Colin Firth, and some other girl. Was oh so funny and chickflicky and made this Imp all googily and laughing loud enough I am sure the neighbors heard. Though this Imp is not really girly-girl...I have my moments...and that movie did it ha!

OHHH worse news! (Even worse then this Imp subcuming to girlygirlness) I got out my Christmas tree last night! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it is getting to I will be playing Christmas music and Thanksgiving hasn't even come around yet! HELP HELP HELP! Save me!! I forced myself to only "fluff" the branches and set it in the corner. It is banished to be naked in the corner until after Thanksgiving! This Imp is determined! Though would be nice to have it decorated when parents come for Thanks....NO NO Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving...Hold strong everybody!! Retail America may not be able to hold back but we can! Stand United! Enjoy Thanksgiving!!

Whew...ok...have to focus...get work done...focus Imp focus...Oh love and kisses to all my new readers (all two of you!)


TJ said...

I am personally holding you accountable over that tree. If I so much as see a single plastic pine needle within 5 feet of you, I will promptly beat you with a large stick. :) Won't that be fun?

Ameratis said...

Oh! TJ how did you know??? I woke up today thinking "Oh how I would love to be promptly beaten with a large stick!" Ah well ok...maybe I didn't...more like I woke up thinking how I wish I could go back to sleep! But worry not my friend the tree is properly banished in the corner stil naked and will stay thus until after Thanksgiving!

Lani said...

-winces- so do I get a beating for having a fully decorated and lit up tree on Nov 20?

Ameratis said...

Lani! Better be glad you are in philly! You should be strong, don't let the chaos run you over! Take your time and enjoy each holiday in its own right!

I still luv ya though :)