Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Title goes here ha ha!

So I have finally returned!! It has been quite a few days since this Imp has updated but let me tell you....whoowee has it been crazy! This imp is running around like a chicken with its head cut off with hyper drive! It has been get up go to work, rush home check the mail, go to practice work hard and late, then rush back home to fall into bed! Repeat...five or six times!
The play rehearsals are going well, though there are a few areas where I am becoming frustrated at myself because I cannot seem to keep the harmony in my head! I have never had this much trouble with hearing and singing harmony. I think it makes it worse that I want to do really well because it is my first time to work with this group.
I am having to totally retrain myself because this director is a minimalist and I am coming from a background of show choir where you over exaggerate everything! I am having to force myself to stand still while I sing...oy! is that hard!
So due to this crazy schedule, I have been abit negligent in the blogging area. Ohh and a fellow worker left work and now I am doing his job and my own until a new person is hired! Oy, oy, oy!
I will write again later to rant about the shallowness of the male gender!

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