Thursday, October 27, 2005

Oy! Oy! Oy!

That is becoming my favorite word as of late. Life has thrown some crazy curves and lessons have been learned but overall things have been terrificly wonderful! The play is going well but oy...OY! Two weeks and we open...ugh and yay at the same time! I am truly having fun but for some reason I cannot seem to master the harmonies in some of the songs, despite the fact I have been singing since I was three and have been singing harmony since seventh grade!
I play a fake French girl in one scene that is funny and sing a song in french which makes absolutely no sense! It is basically an entire song of common french phrases! Ala mode, ala carte, vive la France, etc! It is quite funny but hard to remember because there is no rhyme or reason behind the phrases.
I was abit lonely last night. No matter how much someone likes their privacy and being independent I think we all have times when we just wish someone was there. I was driving home from practice, knackered beyond belief, frustrated to tears with my skill of harmony disappearing and I just looked at all the people in cars surrounding me and marveled in a morbid fashion at how lonely I felt while surrounded by people. In a brief, rare, serious moment for this Imp, I saw the cars not as cars but as barriers, shutting me out from the company of others, bubbles in which each individual was captured and kept from the person in the bubble next to them.
Of course being the Imp the thought did not last long and I tucked the loneliness away when I got home by focusing on things that needed to be done. So today though a few fragments of last nights emotions remain this Imp is much herself again! We shall see how rehearsal goes tonight!

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