Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The sun will come out tomorrow....ugh STOP!!

Ha! I actually love many songs from the play Annie but for some reason cannot stand the song Tomorrow. It does fit though for today is a much better day! Last night was the first rehearsals for the show. It is going to be great. We did a read/sing through and I found myself laughing more than singing. It is quite humorous and well written. It will be a push to learn everything in time for I think we open next month but we have a talented group from what I saw and heard last night. There is one girl who this Imp will call Ms. R for protection of the innocent and all that, who has a very nice ballad voice. It is soft and pretty. Ms. R seems really nice too, perhaps she will want to befriend this crazy Imp!
We have rehearsals again tonight and he said we would learn the songs then move on to other things, no looking back! So saying that...I am going to skiddoodle and finish my lunch hour reading over the music! Natter to you all later!

(see Baz, I used natter!)

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The Baz said...

Ah... "natter" is a great word! Nice to know its catching on! Catchya later!