Monday, August 20, 2012

Baby Showers: Shower #3

My third and final baby shower was held by my friends. It was an awesome ladybug themed shower!

It had super cute invites that my friend K made and I kept one for Miss Priss' baby book. 

She also made a diaper cake that said Cuddle Bug and had a headband, ladybug hairbows and ladybug socks on the top. It was great!

She also made something I had never seen and it was a diaper baby. It was looked like a sleeping baby and it was made completely out of diapers! It was dressed like a baby. I am going to have to do one of these some time. It was such a unique idea!

To top it all off she made these scrumptious cake pops that I will be stealing the recipe for even though I do not have a cake pop maker LOL

It was great to have a shower with just my friends. The summer has been crazy for me with moving and pregnancy so I have not had the time to see my friends. It was a good time to catch up and chat with each other.

Of course, Miss Priss got more beautiful things and she is one set little girl.

My favorite gift from this shower (not that I did not like them all) was these absolutely, stinking cute bloomers that say Miss Priss!! I love them! I cannot wait to get an awesome photo shoot with them on her :) Until Next Time...


Anonymous said...

she is going to have to grow alot to fit in those pants-lol

Breazy said...

Oh goodness, I cannot wait to hear all about your beautiful baby girl! Due to spending lots of time studying, I am rarely in the blogsphere anymore, but when I am I always check in on your page. Hope you and your family are doing well. Happy Thanksgiving!