Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Buying a House

So I don't think I have mentioned it on here yet, but last October (2011) we decided to put our house on the market and see if we could sell it. The main reasons being we wanted something with a bit more room to "grow" into when we started a family.

I will not rant about our realtor though we will never go with her again. She is a nice lady just not a great realtor.

In May, our current house was still for sale and the MIL said she wanted us to look at a house that a friend owned who was going to be moving to assisted living. I looked at it first and despite the very 60's carpet and decor I could tell it had a lot of potential.

We got Sexy Husband over to see it as well and decided to make an offer on the house. Long story short, we got the house!

Immediately upon signing the papers, we ripped up all the carpet (even the carpet in the bathroom, yuck!)
I must say that the carpets were in amazing condition despite their 40 year old age. I am putting one picture to give an idea of what the carpet looked like in one room. I do not have the time to put all the pictures, ha!
So we closed at the end of May and were leaving on 10 days of vacation on June 8th, so we had to hustle to get some things done before we left. Due to Mr. Kitty, we decided not to officially move into the house until we got back from vacation but that did not stop us from moving as much as we could before the 8th.
The new house has a full basement and garage so we could store stuff down there even while the new floors were being placed.

We even got the Nephews to help out with some of the things needing to be done one day! They even came back after vacation and helped us move the rest of the way into the new house.
I told the oldest that it was great he used one of his summer vacation days to help us to which he replied "Well I didn't really have a choice"
LOL spoken with honesty! I am still proud of both of them for helping :)

I will tell you about the floors and the fantastic work of The Parents in the next post.

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

you need a pic of all those tubs and furniture in the basement--before it was all brought upstairs-lol

Anonymous said...

the 60s carpet was probably made of wool (as opposed to synthetic) my grandmother has the same carpet fro most of my mother's lifetime and it never showed wear.

Randy said...

I totally understand if you’re not hiring the same realtor again. A good realtor is very important in a real estate transaction. Getting one shouldn’t be at all according to recommendations or ads; pick one who best suits to your needs to secure the success of a significant financial decision.

Randy Robinson

Gay Iraheta said...

Congratulations! Moving to a new house is a lot of work, not to mention a whole lot of decisions. But just the same, I hope you enjoy the entire process of building and decorating your dream home. :)

Carmen Monrovia said...

It's a good thing that you found the house that you really want, Melodie. But what happened to your old house? Did someone buy it already? I hope it's still in its best condition. I would really appreciate it, if you could post some of your house's pictures here. Take care!

Selena Manchester said...

My husband and I were lucky enough to find a good realtor when we’re trying to sell our house. Well, he’s a family friend so he has our trust. He was the one who scheduled for open houses, but what I like most is that he provided us peace of mind. We are confident that our house will get sold as soon as possible. He took care of all the details that were involved in selling the house, as my husband and I continued doing other things like looking for a new house.

Unknown said...

Well, the good thing is that you and your family finally moved to your new home. Did you look for another realtor? I’m sorry about what happened to your old one, but I’m pretty sure there are still reliable real estate agents out there who can help you with the negotiation and help you find your potential buyers. Oops. Two months have passed since then, have you sold the house already?
Justin Bill