Thursday, March 11, 2010


I am so frustrated!

Why is helping the poor so expensive?

I know that sounds silly but sheesh it has been a problem for me lately.

Sexy Husband and I had decided that this year we would try to go on a mission trip as one of our "big" trips and spend time for Christ not just ourselves. When we started looking at the different mission trips offered through our church, in the time frame we could go there was only one trip we could afford. Most of the trips were at the minimum $1500 a person. That is 3 grand for us to go for one week. Some of the other would have been 5 grand or more to go.

We decided on the less expensive trip, we researched and called, planned on it then it got changed and shortened to the point where now we cannot go. So we were back to square one.

I then thought of the orphan hosting program that Sexy Husband's brother and SIL have used before and thought "hey we can do that!" It is 4 weeks of my summer that a child from Latvia, Russia or the Ukraine comes to live with us and we get to love on them, sounds great!

But no....deadline for half the money...April 1. Cost: $2500 a child.


I know I am rich compared to the rest of the world but I don't have that kind of money just laying around my house! Sexy Husband and I don't go around spending huge amounts of money every day or every month. Even if we did not eat out as much, or even if we cut the cable, I still would not have 3k just laying around my house!

I know I could easily cut costs and save the money over time. I know that we might can do a trip later or might can do the Christmas hosting program. I am just frustrated because every attempt lately to help the poor and orphans has failed.


Anonymous said...

sweety your going to be able to help when we get ready to move--the poor and homeless-lol

TJ said...

God knows your heart and has a project just for you. When the time is right, He will open all doors and make a way for you to contribute. In the meantime, you make the world better just by trying. Keep your head up.