Thursday, March 25, 2010

Automatic Blog

I need an automatic blogging machine.

Why you ask?

Because I get my best ideas and write whole posts, when I am not at my computer!

Take yesterday for instance, while out walking/exercising I wrote a whole post and it was fantastic but by the time I got home it was completely forgotten.


I have pondered carrying around one of those hand recording devices like you see lawyers, private investigators and other cool people have on television. I might need to google that item and see what the cost would be because I have lost many a good post to my A.D.D. brain.

Even today I had a great topic and I am struggling to remember a hint of what it was.

Oh well....mayhaps I shall remember tomorrow.


Carley said...

I totally know what you mean! I usually think of my best posts in the shower but as a busy mom I can never jump out of the shower and blog! I am doing good to just get in the shower and have enough time to think! Sometimes you have a digital recorder on your phone I had one forever before I realized it. You might want to check there!

Joe Sack said...

You should get a smart phone. They're getting cheaper, and you'll never forget a great idea again.

Jeff D. said...

That recording device of which you speak is a Blackberry, iPhone, etc. See, I told you it was useful!! Your phone might actually do it, too. :)
-- Jeff D.