Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The slowest stirrings of conscience began to bring him from the coma fog that surrounded him. The low roar of unconsciousness the only sound heard. Slowly as the cold air was inhaled, heart beat increasing, body parts going from numb to alive, he woke from the deep slumber. Memories of the now distant feast that had been consumed before the slumber lingered in his memory.

One eyelid finally makes its way open and a groggy look around at the dark area surrounding him. What time was it? What day was it? Was it time to get up?

Giving a big yawn and back curling to stretch sending a shiver through his body as he opened both eyes and looked around his room. Boy had he slept good. He could see where he had drooled at one point. Yes he had gotten some really good sleep. Stirrings in his stomach brought his mind fully out of wake only to realize the low roar that had been thought part of unconsciousness was instead part of reality and outside his house.

What in the world could that be? Surely there were not new noisy neighbors. He gives a sigh and heads for the door to explore the noise, food forgotten for the moment.

Barely getting outside, he is greeted by a louder roar and flashes of lightning. Gasping in surprise, he draws back a bit as he is blinded by the flashes. Trying to get away from blinding lights and loud noise, he darts back for his door. Halfway through he screams as something grabs him, hauling him out and up from his home. Staying perfectly still as he shivers in fear, his eyes widen as he beholds this giant animal with a tall, black head. The creature was the one holding him and begins to squeak to him in its language but he has no clue what it is saying.

"Look I just woke up! I did not realize you had moved into the neighborhood! I...I just want to go back into my house. You can have this area! I will be going to my summer place soon anyway so um no hard feelings." He rambled with nervousness because he had no clue what this squeaking giant wanted. Something he said must have worked because the giant nodded, looked away from him and squeaked to someone else. That is when he realized there were thousands of them!! Giants everywhere in all shapes and colors! He was going into his house as soon as he could get away, surely the giants could not follow!

The crowd of giants seemed to have mixed reactions to whatever the giant holding him said but before he could blink the giant set him down near his door. He did not even pause to say thank you. He ran inside and all the way to his room only then stopping to shiver and shudder in terror.

He looked over and noticed his wife had begun to awake from her deep sleep. Her groggy eyes looked to him casually and blinked. His terrified appearance brought her awareness to full capacity.

"What is it? What is wrong, Phil?" her anxious voice asked.
Eyes wide, he looks towards the door and then to her.
"Do NOT go outside! For at least....six weeks or so!"

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Anonymous said...

great one, i was trying to make it simon at first, until the very end--you could be a mystery writer with that ending-lol