Sunday, January 3, 2010

Choo Choo Twain!

We have a local Science Museum that is fantastic with hands-on everything! I love going there but feel I need a child to have a "reason" to go and so people do not think I am some freak lurking around ready to snatch a child.

Today I got to go see an awesome display of model trains under the guise of "tagging along with" Sexy Husband's cousins and their little boy.
He and his dad are pictured here looking at one set of the trains displayed. We will call him Little K for blog purposes.

Little K is all about Choo Choo Twains right now so we told his mom about the train exhibit that was being shown at the local Science Museum so they planned a trip to come and visit. I was very excited because I wanted to see the exhibit but had missed the opportunity to go with Mr. Nephew and Beautiful Boy when they went.

It was fantastic! The intricate details those men put into those landscapes are amazing. I thinking I was more excited about the Choo Choos than Little K was by the end of the day. If I had the time, money and space I would have an elaborate train model! There are a couple "model train clubs" around town and so I am hoping that when The Dad moves over here he will join so I can go visit meetings and such ha ha ha!

Here is a collage of pictures I took of the landscapes and lines they had displayed!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Great pics. I love the trains and I am thinking I need to find a child to take with me so I can see the trains as well. Oh wait..I can take my hubby Jamie. :) He is like a kid.


Anonymous said...

boy daddy would love to see that