Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another Picture into the Past

Back in the day, I chose to take gymnastics. If only I could go back and tell my little self to take dance instead it would have been much cooler but alas I chose at the tender age of ....whenever to take gymnastics. I think I lasted about three years, maybe.

This picture is of my first recital's costume and trophy. We were the Red Hot Mama's but probably should have been more like the Klutzy Kutie Pies. I was not the most talented in gymnastics (I would find out much later in life I was far better at dance) but I think I enjoyed it. In truth I do not really remember if I enjoyed it in the beginning or not.

Look how chubby I was, that is yet another testament to the fact I have never really been skinny. Plus if you note the haircut, this is when I was going through the "I do not like to wash my hair" phase so The Mom chopped it all of and said "When you can take care of it, you can grow it back out!"

Ahhh the good ole days...

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Anonymous said...

well it did help with the fights over washing and brushing it-- one for mama :)