Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Making Aprons...

I am blessed to have a mother-in-law that I adore! She and I get along great and Sexy Husband teases at times that he thinks she likes me better. I think it is just she had no daughters of her own but now she has one.

One thing we enjoy doing is sewing. She owns a very nice sewing machine and grew up learning how to sew. Now she is teaching me how to sew because as fantastic as The Mom is she will be the first to tell you that sewing is not her thing.

This past Thursday, I spent the day with my MIL making aprons. It was a lot of hard work but loads of fun!

We decided to make a very simple pattern Christmas apron first so I could get some practice before making anything more complicated. I picked this cute blue background with Santa head fabric that is a sturdy cotton. Cotton is easier to learn to sew on because it does not tear or stretch as easily as other fabrics.

Here I am deciding the placement of the pocket. It is a big, red, square pocket but I plan to find some type of Santa applique to hand sew on it later for more embellishment!

Here the MIL is loading the proper colored thread so that we can get started.

So I made a couple mistakes and had to take the stitch out and restart!

I did get the hang of it after a while and we ended up making three great aprons! I was really excited about how they all turned out in the end.

Here are the ends products:
This first one I made for a friend for an early birthday present. It was a lot of fun to make with the ruffle and the polka dots. I made the pocket embellisment and sewed it on, there are two buttons at the top that are red with white polka dots!

I liked the ruffle on the red polka dot so much that I had to put one on the apron that I made for myself. I liked the black and white stripe fabric with the polka dot to accent. I might add more embellishments later.
And last but not least the very first, Christmas apron with the big red pocket. I still have to find a Santa applique to make the pocket prettier!
I think I can say I know how to sew an apron now and it was a lot of fun!

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

I LOVE sewing!! You will find it very addictive once you get started! I only wish I had a place in the house to keep my machine up all the time! You did great!


Anonymous said...

cute, cute cute