Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Things that make me go AHHHHHH!

  • When you are on an elevator and the door opens and you start to get off and there is someone who wants to get on right in front of the door. And they start pushing in to get into the elevator. UGH! Just hold on to your panties for five seconds to let me get off then you can have the whole elevator you MORON!

  • When there has been a wreck and one lane is empty because 95% of the people who have been crawling along for the last half mile know that the cop is blocking the lane another half mile up and here comes some car flying up the empty lane like it was emptied just for him. Then when he sees it is blocked he turns on his blinker and just pulls on in whether someone lets him or not. That just makes me want to take a two by four and let him and his oversize F150 have it! DID YOU NOT SEE THE OTHER HUNDRED CARS WAITING PATIENTLY AND GOING SLOW SO THE COPS CAN DO THEIR JOB YOU IDIOT!?! WHO GAVE YOU THE GOLDEN TICKET TO CUT LINE? UGH!

  • When two people stand in a hallway, one on either side and have a conversation, blocking the whole hallway except to go right through their conversation. GET ON ONE SIDE OR SHUT UP AND GET OUT OF MY WAY!

  • People who do not know how to park. I want to key a car (though I never do, just mentally) when they park crooked and take up two parking spots! THE LINES ARE THERE FOR A REASON! THIS IS NOT KINDERGARTEN COLORING, STAY IN THE LINES PEOPLE!

  • When you have been standing in line at an eating establishment and the person in front of you has been in line as long as you have but upon reaching the place to order, stutters and hmmms through the order because they don't know what they want. YOU HAD PLENTY OF TIME TO MAKE UP YOUR MIND THE HOUR WE WERE WAITING! ORDER AND GET OUT OF MY WAY!

  • Check writers! Have you seen the visa commercial where everyone is swiping their visa and everything is going great until someone stops to write a check and the whole system clogs. That is so true! I am not condoning the use of credit cards for over spending but if you are going to write a check FILL IT OUT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN BEFORE HAND! YOU ARE HOLDING EVERYTHING UP YOU TREE KILLER! (ok I am not a tree hugger but it sounded good since checks do require more paper usage)

Ok I think I am done for now. Can we tell I am in a somewhat foul mood?


lime said...

i see a pattern of irritation with people who either hold up or completely disregard lines. may i suggest you not ever go to trinidad. lol

Nicki said...

sounds like you've had the same kind of week i have.

Daddy Forever said...

Those things drive me crazy too. The last time I was at Costco, the person in front of me had to write TWO checks. Both times, she waited until the very end to start writing her checks. Ugggh!!!

Joy @ Five J's said...

I posted a list of my pet peeves a few weeks ago, and after reading yours, I've realized I left off a few! I concur wholeheartedly with those same annoyances.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was reading MY blog for a minute!!

Patsy Terrell said...

This does not indicate a foul mood on your part, merely keen observation!

Anonymous said...

We sound a lot alike, especially the driving part. I sometimes scare people with how mad I get behind the wheel because of all the IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!! Try driving in Houston, it'll make you INSANE!!!!!!!! We live in Katy, just west of Houston on I-10 and I work in the Texas Medical Center, so I get a nice 32 mile drive each way with MORONS. Thanks for letting vent.