Monday, November 3, 2008


For some reason I have always lived where there were not many children. Now though Sexy Husband and I live in a neighborhood full of children. I was excited because lots of children meant lots of trick-o-treaters! I was so excited about having trick-o-treaters that I planned a Halloween party at my house just so I could be home to hand out candy.

I planned for almost two months this party and even had every guest bring a small bag of candy so we would not run out of candy for the children. I went to a small neighborhood block party the weekend before Halloween and saw the swarms of children. They were so cute and adorable in all their little costumes!

I was beyond excited as I decorated the house for the party, creating a blacklight area in the living room and even putting out orange Halloween lights on the rails of the porch. I am working a temp job right now so I even took the afternoon off to come home, finish decorating and cooking for the party and be ready around 6 o’clock for my first wave of trick-o-treaters.
6 o’clock came. No trick-o-treaters. 7 o’clock came and my guests began to arrive but not trick-o-treaters. We finally got a few and I was excited! We saw a huge hayride of them coming and I was like Yay here they come.

They went right past!

They didn’t stop!!

I was crushed!

In total we had less than 10 trick-o-treaters . The party was great, I had fun as did my guests but I was very disappointed about my trick-o-treaters, especially since I had asked my guests to bring candy. So next year I am going to put a big sign in the yard that says “Trick-o-Treaters Welcome!” and see how that works.

I will post tomorrow about the party and have pictures!

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Anonymous said...

poor baby--does that mean you get to eat all the candy left over?