Saturday, August 30, 2008

In Short

It has been 50 days since my last post.

In short here is what happened good and bad:

  • I love being married. We are going great so far!
  • I quit the job that made my life miserable!
  • I have had some time off to detox from stress and start organizing our house.
  • I have been blessed with fantastic In-Laws!
  • I got to go visit The Mom a week or so ago.
  • I have been sick :(
  • It has been 50 days since I last posted anything on this blog.
  • I am having trouble finding motivation to go back into another accounting job.
  • My house is still not fully organized.
That is about it in nutshell. I am going to really try hard to post more!


Anonymous said...

at least you still know how to write

Breazy said...

I didn't see this post the other day when I watched the Hey Jude video so I am just going to comment now..heehee!

I am glad you no longer work at the place that was stressing you so bad and that you were unhappy at. God will lead you where your supposed to be in your career. :)

As for organizing the house, take it one room at a time and things will be easier. I just recently re-organized my entire home and I done it one room at a time until it was completed.

Good luck and God bless you!