Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How Mr. Kitty shares the bed.....

It says: Hallmarks of Felinity No. 20 : Grandiosity of Spirit.

More can be seen here: Hallmarks of Felinity


Anonymous said...

that cat is being nice, andrew can manage to get you on all of three inches of the bed---the king size bed--lol

lime said...

this is not unlike the manner in which limelette #2 shared the bed with us when she was a baby

Breazy said...

Hey Ameratis! How are you? Good here!

have a good weekend !


G-Man said...

Aint THAT the truth?
Hi Melodie...Everyone sure has missed you..
Maybe this week-end?
A 55 maybe?

Anonymous said...

Where o where has my sweetie gone
o where o where can she be

I love kitty cartoons but I love kittys so I guess that goes paw in paw