Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fight for Parking

Whew it has been while but I figured I would make a come back with something I found myself pondering the other day.
The parking here at work has fluctuated between bad and horrible. It is never terrific and the "reserved" spots tick me off but that is a whole different story.
My observation is that I play this mental game of musical parking spaces. There is one spot I prefer because of the timing of shade and such during the day. In this particular spot is also preferred by Ted the Green Truck and Lonny the Red Car, sometimes Gerard the Gold car will show too but the main two are Ted and Lonny. (Yes I named the cars for this post)
Now you have to understand there are only two spots that are "perfect" the ones around them are only "ok" so it is a battle so see which two cars get there first.
Every morning coming in I will look and either proclaim victory or grumble because Ted and Lonny beat me. Then the battle resumes at lunchtime to see who takes lunch when and who gets back and gets a spot!
I have never seen the owners of these cars but I narrow my eyes at the cars like they are arch enemies. Just wait til tomorrow! I will be victorious!

Yep I am beyond weird.


Anonymous said...

sweety it is perfectly alright for you to glare at these cars--they are taking my princess' parking place after all, but whatever you do , do not start talking to them and telling them what you plan to do to them--it will give your plan away-lol
love ya lots

G-Man said...

How dare they?
Where you been girl?
Come back...Please come back!!..xoxoxoxo