Friday, July 27, 2007

Fash Fiction 55

Swirls of ivory silk.
Flouncing curls of red.
Bend of the back.
Turn of the head.
Green eyes bright.
Undulating hips.
Gold bracelets shining.
Saucy smile.
Hands weaving a story.
Silent seduction mixed with silent pleas.
Pulse racing.
Tempo quick and fervent.
She danced for love.
She danced for life.
Would it work?


snowelf said...

this is beautiful.
It could be interpreted so many ways!

Thanks for coming to visit me. I would have hated to miss yours. :)


Snow White said...

Oooooh! I like this one!

Thanks for visiting me this morning, too!

Snow W

Ameratis said...

Oooo new visitors! Thanks for coming both of you :) Glad you enjoyed the 55. I loved this picture when I found it one day so thought it would make a perfect 55 picture!

J Morgetron said...

Lovely 55. Glad I made a visit.


G-Man said...

Miss Melodie!!!!
I'm so glad your back in action....
So far, this is my favorite...Great 55 Imp.
Thanks for participating.

lime said...

VERY nicely done! bravo:)