Friday, July 20, 2007

5000 visitors!

Congratulations to The Mom who made sure she was the 5000th visitor to this impish site!
Tell her what she has won Bob!
"Well Imp hold on to your seat because The Mom has won a lifetime supply of H2O
and thats not all!
She also wins a Free Membership to this Impish website until 2020! "
WOW what a win! Thank you Fred and Thank you The Mom for being an avid reader!
I hope you enjoy your prizes!
I hope everyone enjoyed, make sure to tune in below for the normal Friday Flash NotsoFiction 55 :)


Anonymous said...

Hey this contest sounds like it's rigged!!!
I want all my blogging comments back.(:

btw, I don't know if you knew it or not but I awarded you a special prize on my Tuesday post.

Ameratis said...

Yes I saw that award, thanks TC! I am goin to award it too I am just still thinking to whom I want to give it! And the contest was not rigged...very much LOL

Anonymous said...

heck- if a mama can't rig a contest tell me who can--why it is as american as apple pie and terrorist-lol

G-Man said...

You mean I have to pay?