Friday, June 1, 2007

Pirates 55

She sailed the high seas.
Boots worn on shapely legs,
sword held ready in steady hand,
she was pirate. The battle is fought.
The cannons boom.
Adventure heightens the adrenaline.
Her lover holds her close.
Euphoric moments are experienced.
Credits roll. Lights brighten.
Reality returns. Satisfied sigh escapes.
Pirates of the Caribbean 3 was great.


S said...

Very well done! Were you pretending to be Calypso there?
Thanks for playing, Ameratis!

Anonymous said...

Great 55 Imp!
I like the part
*boots worn on shapely legs*
have a great weekend.

G-Man said...

Great job Melodie!!
See how easy that is?
I liked this one a lot!!

Ameratis said...

Thank you, Thank you :) I am so very glad you all came to visit and read my 55!

Breazy said...

I agree, even though I am three days late getting here!

Hey I have some good news to share with you since you are a Christian. My 9 yr old son got saved tonight at our church's VBS!Praise be to God!