Saturday, June 16, 2007

Celebrating 35 years....

A frisbee was thrown.
The couple met.
2 weeks pass.
Love was beget.
A ring and a vow
Life was started
Old lover denounced
Dear John letter departed.
Here comes a son
Here comes an Imp
There goes the years
in what seems a glimpse
Celebrating something rare
an anomaly of its kind
Thirty-five years have been shared.
And hopefully fifty more they will find.
Happy 35th Anniversary to The Mom and The Dad!


Anonymous said...

thanks sweetheart

love ya lots

G-Man said...

Your dad is one lucky man. Your Mom is Hot!!!!
Congratulations Melodies Mon and Dad!!!
Have a good one Imp..xox

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 35 years.
You Mom is a cutie.

I didn't know your name is Melodie.

lime said...

what a lovely tribute. happy anniversary to mom and dad!

Anonymous said...

have a good weekend and be a good imp.

Anonymous said...

the light is on but no one is home?