Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Going ons of me....

Ok so here is what I have been doing in the last few days:

*Catching up at work. It is almost quarter end and one must be atop of things before that rolls around or it is bad news.

*Finishing a play. This last weekend was the final for Vanities and so now I am done with the stage for quite a while. Time for a break and not a leg. :)

*Doing laundry. When one is in a play and has the privelege to go to NYC the laundry tends to pile up until one's entire living room is a pile of laundry.

*Cleaning! Again when one is in a play, working, and traveling the sardine box in which one lives tends to get neglected. The bathroom was hit hard last night.

*Making video of NYC trip. I have movie editing software that I am using to make a fabtabulous movie of my trip, that is part of the delay in showing you all.

*Trying to see Sexy Boyfriend. In the midst of this all I do try to see him and let him know he still has a girlfriend. LOL

*Sneezing. Spring is barging its way in down here which is fine with me but I always end up sneezing and snorting for the first week or two until we have a good heavy rain to knock the pollen out of the air.

*Organizing. The sardine box looks like a warzone from papers and stuff so I have been trying to organize again before I start twitching.

What I have not been doing:

*Going to the gym: which I am determined to make it back this week! Working out makes a drastic difference to my energy level.

*Blogging....as you all know.

*Commenting on and reading other people's blog.

*Relaxing...I did take a moment and do this for alittle bit on Saturday but it consisted of laying in bed and not moving.

Soooooo now that the play is over and I am about caught up at work, I should be able to get back to blogging and commenting on everyone's blog. Of course it is getting spring so I will be outside more....LOL


Jodes said...

busy girl - same here - thanks for coming back - one of these days I will have you added to my sidebar so i can come over everyday!!!! did you see my post about my promotion??? I leave for 2 wks of training on Sunday in Atlanta!!!

G-Man said...

Well isn't this special? Two hot chicks first on each others posts?

A conspiracy if you ask me!!!

Hi Impy!!!

G Missed you lots. xoxx

...You'll see baby, all blogging will slow down some. Don't fret.

Ameratis said...

That is so crazy Jodes because I was thinking today that I need to put you on my sidebar. Again great minds think alike!
2 weeks in Atlanta? Oooooh fun! There is lots to do there and should be a blast for ya, well when you aren't working. If I knew I had time I would come see ya!

Gman of course it is a conspiracy...we are women LOL Missed you all as well. Am slowly creeping back into the Blogworld.

Top cat said...

You mean you didn't train mr kitty to do the laundry while you were gone?
I can't wait to see the movie.
I'm glad to hear you are taking a break from the stage for awhile.
Welcome back, I missed you a whole bunch.
A kabillion hugs to ya

lime said...

take a deep and filtered (so youdon;t inhale the pollen) breath and relaaaaaaaax. aaahhhh. we'll be here when life settles

word veri: nilfolzil....zat some sort of new drug?

Top cat said...

Good morning IMP! Hope things settle down for you. I miss you but all good things can wait.

Jodes said...

that would be so cool if you did come to see me!!!! Did I tell you I am there all weekend too????


here is my email if you think it might work out somehow....if not no worries