Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Heeeeeeeeyyyy I am back! Had a great time and soon I will post pictures and stories :)


Mark Leslie said...

I want to read ALL the details so I can vicariously enjoy the big apple through your blog! :)

No, seriously, and it's not just because I love that city, it's also research for a book I'm working on. I do want to hear ALL about it. If you lived closer I'd be taking you out for a coffee and asking if you could show me the pictures and describe the sights sounds and smells . . . .

Anonymous said...

looking forward to your post and pictures.:)

G-Man said...

Well, I bet your glad your not a big city girl eh?
Welcome back sweetie!!
G xo

Anonymous said...

I know you're probably really busy catching up but I just wanted to stop by and say hi.

Ameratis said...

Mark: I will definitely write something for you describing my entire experience.

T.C.: thanks for always coming by, I will have something soon!

Gman: I have always been a big city girl, just smart enough to live in a smaller city LOL