Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Totally Terrific Tuesday:

I don't know what to say today.

There really isn't much to say.

I guess I need to figure out something to say or write.

I could rant about the conspiracy of V-day.

I could write about somethign funny.

I really should think of something to write about since I cannot think of anything.

It wouldn't be good just to write about nothing.


Anonymous said...

Hey, a Sinfield post, wow, you pulled it off so well.

I thought you were championing Tuesday’s. Oh sweetie, if you need some inspiration, just ask! LOL … Have a terrific Tuesday dear. I’m back!

Anonymous said...

You reminded me of The Imp in the hat..lol

Anonymous said...

i really hate to think of all the money on school that i paid out for you to be able to write a note that says absolutely nothing--lol

Anonymous said...

It's a talent to be able to write about nothing and make it entertaining, so in that sense I think your money was well spent.:)

MyUtopia said...

LOL, yes a very good
Sinfield post. : ) Hope you are having a good day.

lime said...

dang, sal took my comment so i have nothing...but then agian maybe a nothing comment is apropos for a nothing post.....soooo seinfeldian