Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm Back

Hey Everybody!

Thank you for the nice comments about me getting better and such.

I am much much better today!! Hooray!

I had a stomach virus that I think I got from Beautiful Baby :(

That is the bad thing about daycares. Oh I could rant forever about the evils of daycares so it is a good thing I don't have time because you all will be spared :)

Have a great Wednesday!


lime said...

glad you're feeling better, kiddo. sick is no fun and yeah..daycares are little germ farms.

Jodes said...

glad you are better, I so know where you are coming from on daycares. UGH, I could go on and on and on.

Anonymous said...

good morning..I had to go out grocery shopping plus I'm having computer problems.ugh!
glad you are better.:)
I worked in daycare for about 6 months and yes I was sick most of the time with every disease known to man.):

david santos said...

All good.
Thank you

Ameratis said...

Lime: Thanks :) Yes I agree about the germ farms! I was sick more when I worked at a daycare than ever in my whole life!

Jodes: Thanks for coming by and yes I myself could go on and on. It is one of the reasons I went into the career I am in so that one day my children will not have to go to daycare!

T.C.: Grocery shopping eh? What's for lunch? Nothing extra spicey I hope since my tummy cant take it right now LOL Thanks for coming by and I will have to hear about your daycare adventures!

David: Thank you for coming by! or Gracias para leer!

g-man said...

Great because I hate pukers! And all talk regarding puke!
Sooo glad you are better!