Friday, February 2, 2007

Da Count: Cats

It has been a stressful week so it is harder to thinking of something for Da Count. I decided though that I want to be thankful for Simon, aka Mr. Kitty on here. This may be stupid and I know he is just a kitty cat but he is my precious , spoiled rotten baby.
When I am stressed out or ending up crying, he comes around and purrs. He doesn't mind me crying on his fur and he always tries to cheer me up by patting at my face and meowing softly.
Some may say "Oh he just wants attention" or "Oh he is just hungry" but to me at those times he knows that I am distressed. Sure he doesn't understand the depth of emotional angst because he is a kitty but he does know distress to some degree.
Sometimes I fuss at him because he is a spoiled brat and he tries to eat my plants. He really is a loving kitty though and sleeps by my side every night (until I start moving too much then it is down at the feet to pin me down LOL)
When I get home he comes in and greets me with the classic "And where have you been all day?" squinty eyed look.
Whenever Sexy Boyfriend comes over and we are watching a movie, he makes sure to get between me and Sexy Boyfriend to establish that I am his human and Sexy Boyfriend can just go away.
He doesn't mind me singing to him. (Even sings with me at times)
He doesn't mind dancing with me.
He never complains when I want to snuggle.
He will watch any kind of movie with me (including Chick Flicks)
He is the greatest cat ever and that is why today I am counting him!


Anonymous said...

Gawd, you are so cute! Awwww, Mr. Kitty is protecting you. LOL

Anonymous said...

I love this post ameratis and I really really like your cat.
I enjoyed watching the videos and your rendition of the Muppet Show song.
I can see the old guys up in the balcony looking down at you and your cat.

I always say if your cat accepts your boyfriend, he's a keeper.

Enjoy your Friday, the weekend is here!

Ameratis said...

Sal: Thanks :) And how did you miss HNT yesterday?? I figured you would be the first commenter LOL

T.C.: I am glad you enjoyed it. Now I must add in it is not my best singing LOL I was just goofing around with Simon and noticed that everytime I sang that if I pointed to him he would meow so I had to record it.
He actually has gotten use to Sexy Boyfriend coming around and actually goes over to him in a manner of "pet me and I will let you two have alone time" LOL

Jodes said...

great post and love the cat. thanks for stopping by. I have to add that I love the word snarky and it is not used enough either.

lime said...

sweet. and a terrific count. i'm glad he brings you so much happiness.

Anonymous said...

I think you sounded quite good, on key, nice tone.
Very good for singing Acapulco!

Randy Jackson..I liked it, quite good for singing in your bare feet.
Paula..huh? what? where am I?
Simon..I liked it, you're more like a pixie than an imp.

Congratulations, you're going to Hollywood.

Ameratis said...

OMG I made it Hollywood! Ohh Ohh I don't know what to say...or sing!

LOL Thanks T.C.

Anonymous said...

You're on your way to the big time, just don't forget us little people.

G-Man said...

Can I have your photograph?

...I know what I said, I'd rather look at her picture than her name!

Her name sounds like an explorer...

Ameratis said...

Well I have to ask my agent before I can give my photograph out to people.

My name sounds like an explorer?

I am writing this at 2am LOL